the internet is your online success.

marketing to a very specific customer and reaching people who love and value & most important who want to purchase my art.

using free AI's online that help me find my audience.

online marketing free tools online that filter your audience.

plan strategies and plan a monthly budget.

4 hacks to fb or ig algorithms

  • start group conversations
  • post more videos ,ai favors video not so much links
  • live in groups
  • use profile & engage more comments ,hearts etc.

i am

I am a creator . I was given this wonderful gift to take the broken pieces and make them new again.

I am able to process information better when I have more time to think about it. let me get back to you on that.


limitless and always growing

start of day

7:30 am

  • light yoga set intention for the day & make bed (phone
  • walk & feed chip.
  • sweep kitchen, hall, and bathroom . (moop once a week)
  • vacuum bedroom and living room.
  • stock all dry dishes & pans away.
  • wipe down mirrors & sliding door, windows, table & chairs
  • dust all blinds and high surfaces.
  • organize & keep all surfaces clean & free of paperwork pens and anything miscellaneous.
  • respond to texts and look at phone

*should be complete by 9am.*

end of day

10:00 pm

  • wash dishes.
  • empty all trash and wipe down trash can.
  • get clothes ready for next day & do laundry if needed.
  • prep anything like food , projects for next day etc.
  • make sure day checklist is also complete.