sanitary maintenance area

this is the most important part for the health of yourself and your clients .this is the fundamental behind a successful long last carrier in the beauty industry.

brushes 101

they are more important than the actual makeup itself.

I will go over the basic fundamentals that will cover any type of brush you come across. my goal is to make you confident in any situation. remember your SMA and set up are key to returning customers. at the end we will go over how to clean your brushes and any questions you may have.

flat brushes

they come in several sizes, these brushes deposit the most product on the skin. when you think of a paint brush you think of the paint swiping across seamlessly to deposit color , same with these brushes. they are meant to be used in a drag across type of motion these are going to give maximum coverage . ideal for younger skin types and acne prone skin.these can be used for liquid or dry products .

fluffy brushes

they come in several sizes and are meant for blending ,light depositing and layering.

always tap off excess product as they collect pigment quickly and deposit them just as quick.these brushes are usually used to finish a look or add subtle details of color.

they are also ideal to make liquid products go flat.

angled brushes

these brushes come in different sizes and densities. they are meant to give presion and detail .the larger more fluffy kind are ideal for blush and counter as they hug any curves on the face. the smaller more dense kind are ideal for eye brows and even eyeliner. the more dense the more pigment it will deposit.

precision brushes

these brushes are ideal for details they are the cherry on top for your work of art, usually they're used primerally for darker pigment products such as eyeliner , even brows and beauty marks. they can also be used for light colors or any type of line work. they are also great for lining the lips.

flat dense brushes

these brushes are your sculpters.they help shape mold and contour any desired look.with a stipple like motion, depoit the product and generously add pigment for maximum coverage.

round dense brushes

these brushes are extremely similar to flat dense brushes, the main difference is the roundness allows for a more subtle and natural finish these are usually best for foundations and cream products as they blend the most natural and they mimic a sponge. a padding like motion will give the best results.

eye shadow blending brushes

these brushes are specially for eyeshadows but I've found in my carrier that they are also amazing for concealer, as they blend seamlessly and alow the concealer to be the lightest in texture.


eyebrows are important to master as they frame your face and is the most sought out skill to have.

its starts with four simple steps

  • start with color/undertone
  • identify facial features/bone structure
  • shading / grayscale
  • brow mapping /placement


lets start with understanding two things face shapes and the grayscale (dark to light)

now that we understand what brushes do and their functions lets begin with steps .

begin with having a light and dark color available one will brighten as lighter colors make things appear larger and darker shades slim out.

the following is list of common face shapes:

  • heart
  • diamond
  • round
  • oval
  • square
  • triangle
  • oblong

start off with a foundation shade close to exact to your color. apply a light layer of translucent or same skin tone color, this step is important to create a flawless and smudge free look. begin to add lighter colors where you'd like to brighten or conceal. after use the dark shades to slim out or "contour" with the same brush you used for the translucent /shade color begin to blend.

strip lashes

key points

measure ,cut/customize, yoga ,types/styles ,application and aftercare.

step one. select the lashes you'd like and identify the style by the base and length of the lashes.

step two. mesure the lashes to your eyes , cut the outer side (longer side) and began to Taylor them to your liking.

step three. give the lashes a good yoga session they tend to be stiff from their orinail packaging.

step four.use glue on a tray and apply glue with a separate applicator this allows more control. roll glue with applicator and make sure to have 3 glue bubbles one on each end and middle. avoid blowing into lashes, always airdry.

step five. apply clean end of a makeup brush to collect any excess glue.

after care mentally pinch lashes off water helps but do not submerge them in water. gently pinch off old glue and wipe them with a q-tip and oil free makeup rover. 3-4 more uses

sanitary maintenance area

45-50 min

  1. what you know
  2. what needs attention
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45-50 min

  1. what you know
  2. what needs attention
  3. other

50 min- 1hr

  1. what you know
  2. what needs attention
  3. other

20-25 min

  1. what you know
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  3. other


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My wish for the planet is to find beauty all around and within ourselves.

To give you the confidence with creative techniques, solving solutions while

practicing SMA. Do your part to reduce, reuse and repurpose when possible.

you decide what is beautiful . go and be that.


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what you know

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a subdued or muted tone of color.



side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.



a range of gray shades from white to black, as used in a monochrome display.



the action of placing something in a specified place.

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dedicated to all the educators on the planet and beyond.


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